To curiosity, as well as love, all age are obedient. Thirst for the novel was strong in people always and when there was no Google and “Yandex” yet, we looked for answers to the difficult questions in books. Today we decided to remember those nice times, chose popular search queries and found answers in two books: “Brain in a dream” and “Beauty in a square”. whether

difficult questions

22 - How to choose the wife

the Great German scientist of the 17th century Johann Kepler made such experiment once: choosing itself the wife, he considered 11 pretenders. And the first three were eliminated by various criteria, powerful and not really at once. One had a fetid odor from a mouth, another was too rich and young, a third he rejected after short thoughts too. Kepler already wanted to stop on the fourth, but It appeared here — modest, hardworking, careful.

it would seem to, the ideal wife is found, but here the confusion and indecision seized the scientist, it continued searches and met six (!) pretenders. Eventually, he, after all, made a choice and married the fifth candidate.

This history — a bright example of the theory of an optimum stop. From five possible options one will be optimum, and it and needs to be chosen.

In other words, to Kepler, it was not necessary to hold 11 appointments at all. Was the first five enough to make a right choice. This mathematical theory finds application in many spheres of science, the equipment, economy and so on.


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