There are approximately 8.7 million species of animals on this planet with 6.5 million of them on land and 2.2 million in the ocean. And as you would imagine there are some creatures that range from the very small to the very big like an elephant for example. It’s huge but what if told you there are some creatures that were discovered that absolutely dwarf an elephant? Well, there are. In fact, there are some creatures that look like they belong straight up out of a sci-fi movie but the animals that I’m about to show you are anything but fiction. So prepare yourself for this one because

Here are 10 Abnormally Large Animals, that actually exist.

92. African Giant Snail


African giant snails are exactly what they sound like. Giant slimy snails that can reach sizes up to 15.5 centimeters with shells up to 28 centimeters. Now it’s common for people to accidentally step on a normal snail and crush it but with an African giant snail, it’s more like you’ll trip over it and fall flat on your face.

They can be found in parts of Western Africa and Barbados and are considered to be a huge pest problem. The reason for this is because they love eating plants. They contaminate things with their slime and they can reproduce quickly. Yes believe it or not a snail can reproduce quickly. Another contributing factor to the pest problem is that they have no natural predators. Aside from people who love to eat giant escargot I guess. Realistically they’re just too big and gross for anything to actually want to eat them.


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