There is an opinion that the philosophy is very difficult and torn-off from real life area of knowledge. Actually, it absolutely not so. It is possible to learn really useful lessons from this science.


Visitors of “Wikipedia” somehow noticed that if to click the first link in each article, then sooner or later all of you will equally rest against one of the articles devoted to philosophy. An explanation for this phenomenon very simple: practically all achievements of modern culture, science, and technology are created on the basis of the philosophical theories and paradoxes which are thought up in immemorial times.

we collected by In this article for you several curious examples and stories which were used by philosophers to illustrate the ideas. Much of them already more than two thousand years, but all of them equally do not lose the relevance.

3. the Myth about a cave

the Myth about a cave — the well-known allegory used by Platon in dialogue “State” for the explanation of the doctrine of the ideas. It is considered a cornerstone of a platonism and objective idealism in general.

Imagine the tribe which is sentenced to live in a deep cave. Standing and hands at his member's fetters which prevent to move. In this cave, several generations, the only source of knowledge for which are weak reflections of light and the muffled sounds reaching their sense organs from a surface, were born already.

present to A now that these people know about life outside?

I here one of them unchained with himself and reached an entrance to a cave. He saw the sun, trees, the surprising animals soaring in the sky of birds. Then he returned to the tribespeople and told them about what was seen. Whether they will believe it? Or will consider more reliable that gloomy picture of the underground world which all life is seen with own eyes?

Never reject the ideas only because they seemed to you absurd and do not fit into a habitual picture of the world. Perhaps, all your experience is only vague reflections on a cave wall.


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