6 curious answers to difficult questions

To curiosity, as well as love, all age are obedient. Thirst for the novel was strong in people always and when there was no Google and “Yandex” yet, we looked for answers to the difficult questions in books. Today we decided to remember those nice times, chose popular search queries and found answers in two books: “Brain in a dream” and “Beauty in a square”. whether

difficult questions

11 - Why in Asia do not love figure 4

you Know that in hotels of Asia after the third floor there is the fifth at once? Figure 4 is absent in names of production of the Asian companies, on planes, there is no fourth row … It is one of the most unreasonable superstitions, and it is connected with the fact that the word “four” and the word “death” are very similar on sounding. It concerns Japanese, some dialects of the Chinese and Korean languages.

the Four causes in Asians so strong associations with death that it turned into a certain similarity of an inevitable prophecy. On the American statistics, at Japanese, Chinese and Koreans living in the USA, the fourth day of every month the number of fatal cases because of heart attacks considerably increases.



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