Casually Explained: 10 Pieces of Life Advice

I thought it'd be a great idea to share the best pieces of advice that I've picked up in my lifetime. The format is going to be a total of 10 quotes that I found really meaningful and each will be followed by my interpretation.

I chose 10 simply because I think it's pretty standard for these kinds of lists and it's also the highest number I can count to, so let's get started with 10 Pieces of Life Advice!

10 Pieces of Life Advice

Number 10: so I was in a hotel one time and found this great quote in the Bible. "So God created mankind in his own image. In the image of God he created them. Male and female he created them." Basically, just remember to pull out.

Number 9: "No one plans to poop their pants." This just means to always plan ahead. The old "buy a plunger before you need one", but also have an emergency fund and spend a bit below your means in case something goes wrong.

Number 8: "Elon Musk can't dunk." That is to say that no one's cut from a different cloth. You can't be the best at everything and it's important to play to your own strengths

Number 7: "Always remember that 4 to the power of 0.5 is 2, 9 to the power of 0.5 is 3, 16 to the power of 0.5 is 4 and so on," which just means, "don't forget your roots."

Number 6: "the key to success is mastering the fundamentals." Basically just constantly make workers and don't let your chrono boost pile up.

Number 5: "The glass is neither half-full nor half-empty, it's a matter of your own perspective." I was texting a few girls once that I was like 5 foot 9 inches and some saw it like I was taller than about half of most guys, while others saw it like I was shorter. I'm more of a realist though, so since then I've always made sure to specify that I'm talking about two separate measurements.

Number 4: "Be attractive to the kind of person you'd like to be with" and also "be yourself". I really like this because it's really one of the more thought-provoking oxymorons.

Number 3: "Hybrid builds usually suck, so min-max your life," As in, don't study and socialize, study or socialize. This is something that really doesn't apply to everything, so use your judgment. One thing that I started doing, it's a bit more advanced, is completely cut out regular coffee, so now I only drink decaf. But I add my own cocaine.

Number 2: "Be like science," which just means that everyone's happier when you just say you're wrong or that you don't know. So, next time you realize you're on the right track in the middle of argument you can just try my usual line, which is: "Hey, you know I never really thought about it that way before. Thanks for showing me another perspective. Cunt."

And finally, my number 1 piece of advice is: "No matter how old you are, if you feel lost in your life and don't know what to do, just realize that you're not alone. No one has a clue what they're doing, and no one's path is a straight line trajectory from start to finish. Oftentimes it seems like there's a million things you could be doing but nothing that's just right. But you have to get started before you know exactly where you're going and the goals that you set aren't always destinations, but they are directions and you can never know what you'll find if you're only looking from where you are right now. If anything, try something new, if only to prove that it's not the right choice and you'll be amazed at the people you meet, the way your perspectives change, and ultimately what your ambitions and dreams become and really this is the best advice I could possibly give and it's something I'm really going to incorporate into my own life like.... right...after I get off reddit.

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