Justin Bieber and Likelihood the Rapper Fragment Video for Unusual Tune “HOLY”

Justin Bieberhas shared a new single featuringLikelihood the Rapper. It’s known as “HOLY,” and it arrives with a Colin Tilley-directed song video. In the video, the working class factory where Bieber works is shut down attributable to the “contemporary and ongoing worldwide danger.” It ends with an appearance from Wilmer Valderrama—a soldier ostensibly house from battle—who invitations a hungry Bieber into his house for a meal. Likelihood the Rapper also appears to be like. Uncover it below.

Bieber and Likelihood have collaborated more than one cases in the past. In 2018, they hopped on DJ Khaled’s song “No Brainer” along with Quavo. Back in 2013, Likelihood looked on Bieber’s single “Assured.”

Likelihood just nowadays conducted avirtual concert for Ralph Laurenand featured on a new song by Brandy known as “Tiny one Mama.”

Earlier this month, Bieber starred in Drake and DJ Khaled’s “POPSTAR” visible, where he conducted the section of Drake’s titular position.

Learn “5 Takeaways from Likelihood the Rapper’s Unusual Album,The Big Day” over on the Pitch.



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