‘Westworld’ Season 3, Episode 4: “The Mother of Exiles,” Defined

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Josh Wigler

Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy join The Hollywood Reporter to weigh in on the deadly developments surrounding Evan Rachel Wood and Tessa Thompson's characters.

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[This story contains spoilers for season three, episode four of HBO’sWestworld, “The Mother of Exiles.”]

“Dangle you ever puzzled the nature of your actuality?”

It is a basic quiz asked all overWestworld, essentially directed on the hosts: Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), Maeve (Thandie Newton) and, of direction, Dolores (Evan Rachel Picket). But asserting the words “Dolores” and “of direction” within the same sentence are very bad for the time being, within the occasion that they had been ever real to launch with — attributable toWestworldnow has now not one, now not two, now not three, howeverfourvaried Doloreses in play.

In “The Mother of Exiles,” directed by Paul Cameron and written by Jordan Goldberg and Lisa Joy, with out a doubt one of many largest questions of season three gets a surprising solution:who is Charlotte Hale? Tessa Thompson’s chilly and calculated Delos govt used to be assassinated in season two’s finale, changed by Dolores, after which reputedly inhabited by a contemporary man made intelligence as soon as Dolores introduced her fashioned body (survey: Evan Rachel Picket) aid online.

Snoop on theSeries Usual: Westworldpodcast for added on the surprising twist.

As it appears, the person occupying the contemporary Charlotte Hale’s sneakers is none other than Dolores as smartly — albeit a definite digital copy of Dolores. And he or she’s now not alone. In fleeing the park on the halt of season two, Dolores escaped with five varied pearls (host-brains, in layman’s terms); periodically in season three, viewers bear watched Dolores assassinate and replace other folks with hosts, such as Martin Conells, the security professional performed bySons of Anarchyvulnerable Tommy Flanagan. 

Who is the robot kicking around in Conells’ body?But every other Dolores. And there is gentle every other: Hiroyuki Sanada’s Musashi, the Shogun World warrior, now serving because the leader of the Yakuza in Singapore — and currently studded with a Dolores pearl of his/her very bear.

There’ll now not be any lower than four varied variations of Dolores at broad: Evan Rachel Picket’s “fashioned,” Tessa Thompson’s “Halores,” Flanagan’s “Conellores,” and Sanada’s “Yakuzalores.” (Names are now not respectable, of direction, howeverWestworldnation higher near at a consensus immediate, attributable to we would possibly well now not be out of the woods yet: there desires to be two further pearls in play, alongside side Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard, who would possibly well theoretically be housing an asymptomatic Dolores personality for the time being (despite everything, Dolores as soon as featured each a version of herself and a version of the stone-chilly killer persona Wyatt on the same time), as well to an as-yet printed fifth pearl.

Mind wretchedness yet? It’s factual every other week inWestworld, albeit an even headier one than favorite, and one which creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy wished to aid an extended time to unfurl.

“We very carefully averted the root of clones and copies of hosts within the first couple of seasons,” Nolan tellsThe Hollywood Reporter. “For these who be conscious the root that digital facts desires to be free to your characters, or now not it is a certainly bad idea. If Dolores is infinitely copiable, then is she gentle Dolores? One of the critical guidelines we’re most fascinated is identification, company. Is Dolores a pc program? Or is Dolores a assortment of her experiences? It’s with out a doubt one of many questions that’s the starting establish aside of the series: nature versus nurture. If we indulge within the root of copies of the hosts too early, then the rules get threatened, and your affinity for and investment in Dolores —thisDolores — is threatened.”

With two seasons below their belt, Nolan and Joy now not felt the specter of thinning out the viewers’ investment in Dolores and her quest.

“Now, in our third season, a bewitching factor for us to explore is this other methodology of impending the quiz of identification,” says Nolan. “Within the occasion you pick two copies of the same person however residing them on barely varied trajectories however with the same targets, would they continue to be the same person? Would they withhold the same targets? Or would some a part of the persona — the version of Dolores who has been forced to fake to be Hale (Thompson) — inpretendingto be Hale, has she absorbed any of her solutions of pondering? Is she entertaining any of who Hale used to be? Or is a natural of being in a definite circumstance than the distinctive Dolores be that they would possibly well now not stay the same person anymore — that they would possibly well now not even be allies? It is a elevated quiz that we deem is barely a pair of fun to play with.”

If Evan Rachel Picket’s Dolores and Tessa Thompson’s Dolores are heading within the steady direction for a ruin-up, it would be a certainly obscene awakening for the distinctive version of the persona, who introduced no lower than three variations of herself online in her mission to assemble a contemporary world bid. For the creators, a part of the fun of the twist (and its fallout) resides within the questions positive to come up about Dolores and her ways.

“Per chance or now not it’s the final act of hubris to claim, ‘I’m going to construct and populate the contemporary world with me,'” says Joy. “Alternatively, whenever you are about to engage in one thing very bad, there is one thing barely selfless in asserting, ‘No one gets wretchedness anymore excluding me.’ There are so many ways to clarify the fling. We can’t label Dolores’ motivations fully until in a while.”

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Josh Wigler



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