Every once in awhile, I go ahead and menu plan our dinners for the entire month. When I’m getting busy in another area of life, it often helps to simplify another area – and our menus are an easy place to do that.

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As usual, I rotate between daily themes, but instead of doing a two-week plan like I normally do, I’ve done a complete four-week plan for August.

Notice that this month still follows my general routine here:

  • Mondays: Mexican
  • Tuesdays: Pasta
  • Wednesdays: Asian/Stir-Fry
  • Thursdays: Crock Pot
  • Fridays: Homemade Pizza and Dessert
  • Saturdays: Something New
  • Sundays: Something Easy

Week One

Monday, August 4 - enchiladas, beans, and rice
Tuesday, August 5 - dirty risotto and salad
Wednesday, August 6 - honey-glazed chicken stir-fry with white rice
Thursday, August 7 - Crock Pot minestrone soup
Friday, August 8 - pizza, salad, and peach cobbler (from the Salt Lick)
Saturday, August 9 - 30-Minute one-pan chicken and veggies
Sunday, August 10 - baked potatoes with grilled veggies and cheese

Week Two

Monday, August 11 - taco salad
Tuesday, August 12 - chicken fettucine alfredo and salad
Wednesday, August 13 - Pacific Rim stir-fry
Thursday, August 14 - Crock Pot chicken tortilla soup
Friday, August 15 -
pizza, salad, and brownies
Saturday, August 16 - end of summer vegetable and fresh herb casserole
Sunday, August 17 - grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup

Week Three

Monday, August 18 - chicken fajitas, beans, and rice
Tuesday, August 19 - spaghetti and salad
Wednesday, August 20 - pineapple chicken stir-fry with white rice
Thursday, August 21 - Crock Pot red beans and rice
Friday, August 22 - pizza, salad, and baked bananas with ice cream
Saturday, August 23 - chicken caesar salad
Sunday, August 24 - chicken noodle soup

Week Four

Monday, August 25 - tacos, beans, and rice
Tuesday, August 26 - This is my birthday, so my husband’s in charge…
Wednesday, August 27 - honey-glazed stir-fry with white rice
Thursday, August 28 - Crock Pot chicken and sausage gumbo
Friday, August 29 - pizza, salad, and jacked-up banana bread
Saturday, August 30 - grilled chicken and nectarine salad
Sunday, August 31 - broccoli chicken soup

I’ve linked to recipes where I’m able, and for those recipes I’ve created myself, I’ve added them here to Simple Mom. I’ve created a new “recipes” category, so if you’d like to find them for future reference, check over on the right-hand sidebar.

Photo by Adam Kuban

All of these recipes are easy, and many times, they’re make ahead and freezable. You’ll also notice our menus are heavy on the chicken – beef is very expensive here, and while chicken isn’t super-cheap, it’s the least expensive meat around here.

Yes, there will be times when this plan will be tweaked – we’ll be invited somewhere for dinner, the market won’t have peaches, I’ll get sick again and my husband will take over. But having a month-long plan means getting to put a big, fat check mark on my to-do list, and I like that.

I’ll still go to the farmer’s market weekly, and hopefully the grocery store only twice (every other week).

What are your dinner plans this week? This month? Today? Are you up for making a month-long dinner plan? Have any good recipes you think everyone should know about? I’d love to see them! As always, you can find my recipes in my delicious cookbook.


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