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It’s been several months since I wrote about menu planning; mostly, because I haven’t menu planned in awhile. With all our traveling in the States, it’s only been this past week that we’ve had some semblance of a normal life since mid-October.

But we’re all itching for some well-planned meals around here, so with the start of a new month and the start of a new season, I thought it a great time to plan for the entire month.

Our current book club selection, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle has me jazzed about eating locally and seasonally, and there have been some great recipe site suggestions on the forums.  And I love food blogs, so I thought I’d pay some of my favorites homage and try out some of their recipes.

With this in mind, I’ve tried to make our month’s menu as seasonal as possible, with every intention to get most of the ingredients from our twice-weekly neighborhood farmer’s market.

I can’t vouch for the seasonality of every recipe here, especially since every locale is different. But for the most part, these recipes work well for us in the spring, and if they do for you, then please use and enjoy.

Here are some other articles I’ve written about menu planning:

You might also remember that I like to have a theme for each day of the week, which helps me narrow down recipe decisions. For the spring, our weekly rotation looks somewhat like this:

M0ndays - pasta
Tuesdays - soup, salad, and/or sandwiches
Wednesdays - stir fry
Thursdays - crock pot
Fridays - pizza
Saturdays - something new
Sundays - something easy

So here it is – our family’s menu.

April Menu Plan

Week One

beef empanadas
Photo from Smitten Kitchen

Week Two

Photo from Under the High Chair

Week Three

Photo from Cooking Light

Week Four

Photo from Joy the Baker

Week Five

Photo from Tomato Casual

What are you eating this week?


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