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Photo by Endless Beauty

T’is the season to spend most of your time in the kitchen, right?  Perhaps if you’re hosting a grand holiday fête, or maybe you have three times as many house guests as family members.  But more than likely, no one is truly expecting you to pull off a magazine cover-worthy spread on the table.  Your family just wants to be with you.

To me, that’s what holiday cooking should be about.  Cooking and baking together, enjoying our little creations to celebrate the season.  My daughter loves to cook, and I bet some of you have kids who enjoy being your kitchen helpers as well.

If you’ve gotta cook for the holidays, I encourage you to make it easy on your family.  I’m sticking with some of these simple recipes from around the blogosphere to celebrate the Christmas season…

Photo from Smitten Kitchen

Simple Dinners

Photo from Everybody Likes Sandwiches

Festive, Easy Desserts

Photo from David Lebovitz

Kid-Friendly Creations

Christmas Day Deliciousness

Now it’s your turn – what recipes in the blogosphere are making your mouth water?  What’s on your menu for the holidays?


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