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origami turkey
Photo by Brian Chan

One of the biggest cooking days of the year is just around the corner. What are you making?

Last year, my husband and I were in charge of the turkey – daunting to say the least. Before this, I had always safely brought a pie, or a veggie, or heck, the cranberry sauce. I was nervous but determined to pull it off.

And I’m happy to say that the turkey rocked. It really was so good. The meat was juicy, not overcooked, and flavored just so.  The secret?  Brining. It was the key to the meat being moist – a first for me with turkey.

Here’s the recipe we used for spiced apple cider brined turkey, adapted from The University of Illinois Extension.  They also have some really useful cooking facts and techniques for turkey.  If you use this – or if you have any other great turkey recipe – let me know!

The Food Network is calling all Simple Mom readers

Have you heard of the Food Network? On TV? I thought so.

Well, they’d like Simple Mom readers to contribute cooking questions and dilemmas to Aida Mollenkamp. She’s got a cooking show on Food Network, Ask Aida, and she’s an editor on CHOW.

I’ve already watched a ton of her videos, and I’ve really enjoyed them – my favorite is watching her make pie crust. That’s usually my holiday arch nemesis.

So… What are your cooking challenges? Your baking dilemmas? The things you just can’t seem to figure out in the kitchen? Have anything that’s particularly frustrating for you, especially during the holiday cooking season?

Submit any and all cooking conundrums in the comments section below, and they’ll select three to feature on the show.

Here’s my submission:

I’ve never been great at making sugar cookies, but my daughter loves making them – especially during the holidays. What’s a good way to roll out the dough and use cookie cutters without them falling apart and making a big mess?

The Simple Mom community is great at conversation, so I have no doubt you’ll participate. Food Network needs to submit the questions to Aida by November 26 – that’s this Wednesday – so don’t delay!


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