9 Best Remedy To Stop Women Hair Loss

Continuous falling, thinning and disappearing of hair indicates hair loss and can gradually lead to bald patches on head. Hair loss is a common affliction that affects both men and women. If you are experiencing mild to moderate hair loss, there are a few natural remedies you can try to slow hair loss and even promote new hair growth. In any case, the following suggestions are considered the best Women  hair loss solutions.


1. Take some fresh leaves of Amaranth (Amaranthus or ‘Chaulai-ka-saag’) and take out their juice after grinding them. Apply this juice on your hair. It helps in hair growth and makes them soft. Take Alfalfa (Medicago sativa or ‘Jaw’), carrot and lettuce in equal quantity and make them into juice. This juice is excellent hair loss remedy.

2. Apple cider vinegar has numerous uses around the house, but this common household fixture’s unique acidic properties can also be used to stimulate new hair growth if you’ve noticed your hair getting thinner. The best way to use apple cider vinegar is as a rinse. After you are done shampooing and conditioning, turn the water off and drench your hair in apple cider vinegar. Leave it on for 15 minutes, and then turn the water back on and rinse it out. This can be performed daily.

3. To prevent women hair loss issue try not to stress. Meditation and yoga will go a long way to help stop stress. Whether you take up yoga or take time to relax with a good book, you need to make sure you are managing the stress in your life. High stress can translate into high hair loss, so make sure you are taking care of you.

4. One of the simplest and healthiest solutions for hair loss is to improve your diet. Make sure you eat plenty of lean protein, such as eggs, poultry and lean cuts of meat so you get enough protein and fatty acids. Make sure your calorie intake is appropriate and not too low – rapid weight loss can also result in rapid hair loss.

5. Make a paste of fenugreek seeds and water. Apply on scalp and leave for about half an hour before washing it off. Do it regularly for one month to treat hair loss.

6. You need to try daily scalp massages. this will stimulate blood flow to your hair. making hair grow faster.

7. At the very least, take a daily multivitamin containing iron, B vitamins, especially biotin; 30-50 mg of zinc a day; copper; and omega 3 fatty acids. This is one of the best hair loss treatment.

8. Using natural oils is a great way to help new hair grow, and frequent oil treatments will also strengthen the hair you have already. Natural oils include olive oil, avocado oil and almond oil.

9. Take 250 grams of mustard oil and sixty grams of Henna leaves or ‘Mehndi’ and boil them till the leaves get totally burnt. Filter the oil and massage the scalp regularly with this oil. It is a very good home remedy for preventing hair loss.

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