A secret carrier agent obtained cancer. Then he decided to traipse a 100K

Updated Oct 28, 2019 7: 40 PM EDT

Washington— Secret Carrier agent Rodney Wellman is dealing with one among existence’s toughest challenges: working a 100Good passable high-tail whereascombating cancer.

A year ago, Wellman thought he had a chest cold — however that presumed cold turned out to be stage 4lung cancer. Closing month, he started radiation for tumors in his brain. But even that did not halt him from attempting to traipse the 100Good passable, which is approximately 62 miles.

“Lung cancer kills more People yearly than any other cancer out there,” Wellman talked about.

He furthermore wishes People to know that lung cancer can purpose non-people who smoke, enjoy him, too.

“For these who would possibly well well well bear lungs, you would possibly well well well procure cancer,” he talked about.

Extreme cramping did halt Wellman — however easiest after he had traipse 43 miles, grinding out each and each for his family, his secret carrier colleagues and others with cancer who would possibly well well not bear the strength to halt what would appear to be not doubtless.

“Right here’s a prolonged fight, and we’re true getting started,” he talked about.

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