Coronavirus leaves 56 MILLION on lockdown in 14 cities as surgeon who handled sick becomes forty first confirmed

A BRAVE surgeon who handled coronavirus patients has develop into the 41st victim of the outbreak – with 56 million other folks now on lockdown.

Dr Liang Wudong, 62, passed away this day after turning into struck down withthe deadly viruson January 16.

 Dr Liang Wudong is the 41st victim of the disease


Dr Liang Wudong is the 41st victim of the illness


The surgeon had handled patients at the Hubei Provincial Sanatorium of Integrated Chinese and Western Treatment before being transferred to the Jinyintan Sanatorium two days later.

Dr Wudong, who retired from the profession final June, had complained of feeling flustered with a applicable chest when he turned into save in quarantine.

The medic had a historical previous of heart illness and coronary heart illness and had been working at the entrance line of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan metropolis.

Wuhan is the metropolis the save cases of coronavirus were first reported before the outbreak unfold across the enviornment.

Dr Wudong is the 41st particular person to die from the illness with bigger than 1,200 cases reported in China by myself.

Vietnam, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong all now possess confirmed cases — alongside the US, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

France yesterdayconfirmed three cases and Australia one– with all patients arriving from Wuhan.

Thus a long way, 14 other folks in the UK possess been examined for coronavirus, with five given the all-determined and 9 tranquil waiting for outcomes.

But consultants possess now warned Britain is on the point of a deadly illness – with bigger than 30 other folks examined for the killer illness.

Professor Neil Ferguson, an educated at Imperial School London, acknowledged the unique strain is for the time being “as deadly as the Spanish flu epidemic”.

The 1918 outbreak is mainly the most severe pandemic in contemporary historical previous, wiping out an estimated 50 million other folks across the enviornment.

 This footage allegedly shows a dead body underneath a white sheet in hospital in Wuhan, China


This photography allegedly reveals a useless body under a white sheet in successfully being facility in Wuhan, ChinaCredit ranking: Weibo

 The video was widely shared on Weibo and was reportedly uploaded by a nurse from inside the hospital


The video turned into broadly shared on Weibo and turned into reportedly uploaded by a nurse from internal the successfully being facilityCredit ranking: Weibo

 Footage shows staff wearing full-body protective clothing as residents wait to be seen by doctors and nurses


Photos reveals workers wearing fat-body keeping clothes as residents wait to be viewed by doctors and nursesCredit ranking: Weibo

 More distressing footage shows over-crowded hallways in a hospital


Extra distressing photography reveals over-crowded hallways in a successfully being facilityCredit ranking: Weibo

There are truly 56milllion residents in 18 cities placed on lockdown across China as the nation desperately grapples with the unfold of the virus.

Public transport has been suspended in ten cities, shutting temples and even closing the Forbidden City and fragment of the Immense Wall.

The dangers also persuaded Shanghai Disneyland theme park to discontinuance from Saturday till extra survey.

Officers possess restricted wander in virus epicentre Wuhan, which is home to 11million, as successfully as neighbouring Huanggang, Ezhou and Lichuan.

Hospitals warned they could per chance per chance not contend with the collection of patients turning up with signs.

Distressing photography looks to reveal corpses blockading successfully being facility corridors amid chaotic scenes in Wuhan successfully being facility.

 Emergency services wearing masks and protective clothing tend to an individual who appeared to collapse on the street


Emergency companies wearing masks and keeping clothes are inclined to an particular particular person that regarded to interrupt down on the boulevardCredit ranking: Instagram

 Medical staff help an individual who has collapsed on the floor


Scientific workers back an particular particular person that has collapsed on the ground

 One man in Wuhan reportedly lies dead in the street with his head cracked open


One man in Wuhan reportedly lies useless in the boulevard with his head cracked open

 The deadly bug started in Wuhan and has spread worldwide


The deadly bug started in Wuhan and has unfold worldwide

The Hubei province metropolis has been dubbed “zombieland” after chilling photos and video emerged of oldsters collapsed on the boulevard.

In one stressful clip, a particular person will even be viewed lying unresponsive on the ground while medics wearing hazmat suits and gasoline masks strive to back him.

One other horrifying characterize reveals a particular person reportedly useless on the ground with blood pouring from his head.

A novel file produced by Lancaster University in England, the University of Florida and the University of Glasgow says fully five per cent of the total coronavirus cases are being identified.

The save did coronavirus open? From bats to snakes – the theories on deadly virus’ origins

The killer coronavirus turned into unfold from bats to snakes to other folks, consultants possess claimed.

A virus of the virus is believed to possess started at an open air fish market in the Chinese metropolis ofWuhan – which has since been save in lockdownafter 25 other folks died and bigger than 600 other folks were contaminated globally.

A novel survey printed in the China Science Bulletin this week claimed that the uniquecoronavirusshared a strain of virus disclose in bats.

Earlier deadly outbreaks of SARS and Ebola were also believed to possess originated in the flying mammal.

Consultants had conception the unique virus wasn’t in a position to causing a deadly illness as vital as these outbreaks because its genes were various.

But this latest study regarded to reveal otherwise – as scientists scrabble tocompose a vaccine.

In a assertion, the researchers acknowledged: “The Wuhan coronavirus’ pure host will likely be bats … however between bats and other folks there could per chance per chance be an unknown intermediate.”

Meanwhile, scientists at Peking University also claim that the deadly virus turned into passed to other folks from bats – however yelp it turned into by a mutation in snakes.

The researchers acknowledged that the unique strain is made up of a combination of one which affects bats and yet one more unknown coronavirus.

They possess that blended genetic materials from both bats and this unknown strain picked up a protein that lets in viruses bind to obvious host cells – including these of alternative folks.

After analysing the genes of the strains the group came across that snakes were inclined to essentially the most same version of the coronavirus.

It supposed that they likely supplied a “reservoir” for the viral strain to grow stronger and replicate.

Snakes are supplied at the Huanan Seafood Market in central Wuhan and can possess jumped to various animals before passing to other folks, they claim.

But a senior researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, who requested not to be named, acknowledged the findings must be handled with warning.

He told theSouth China Morning Put up: “It’s miles in response to calculation by a laptop model.

“Whether or not this can match what happens in precise life is inconclusive.

“The binding protein is vital, then again it’s proper with out a doubt among the many things under investigation. There could per chance per chance be various proteins eager.”

The educated believes that the unique strain turned into an RNA virus, that manner that its mutation tempo turned into 100 instances sooner than that of a DNA virus equivalent to smallpox.

And the unpleasant prediction finds by February 4, the collection of contaminated other folks in Wuhan could per chance per chance hit 351,396.

Preliminary study suggested the coronavirus turned into passed on to other folks from snakes at Wuhan’s seafood market.

The Huanan Seafood market, which supplied are living koalas, snakes, rats and wolf pup to locals to bask in, has since been shut down while an investigation is executed.


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Scientists in China yesterday claimed that the deadly strain shares a peculiar ancestor with a deadly illness came across fully in fruit bats.

Since then photography and photos possess been circulated purporting to reveal other folks eating the Chinese delicacy.

Bat soup is reported to be an odd however popular dish particularly in Wuhan.

 A sea of people crowd a hospital corridor as they wait to get medical treatment


A sea of oldsters crowd a successfully being facility corridor as they wait to derive medical therapy

 People stand in line on the street waiting to go inside the hospital to see a doctor


Of us stand in line on the boulevard waiting to head internal the successfully being facility to stare a physician

 Patients queue up to seek treatment in Wuhan Tongji Hospital Fever Clinic in Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak


Patients queue up to search for therapy in Wuhan Tongji Sanatorium Fever Sanatorium in Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreakCredit ranking: EPA

 Patients queue up in Wuhan for treatment as China grapples to contain the coronavirus outbreak


Patients queue up in Wuhan for therapy as China grapples to occupy the coronavirus outbreakCredit ranking: EPA

 Supermarket shelves in capital Beijing, which has also scrapped its New Year public gatherings, lie empty amid the crisis


Supermarket cabinets in capital Beijing, which has also scrapped its Fresh One year public gatherings, lie empty amid the disasterCredit ranking: Alamy Are living Files

 Supermarket shelves in Wuhan are bare as residents scramble to stockpile goods


Supermarket cabinets in Wuhan are bare as residents toddle to stockpile goodsCredit ranking: Getty Photography – Getty

 Wuhan residents buying goods in the supermarket as the city was put on lockdown


Wuhan residents procuring goods in the supermarket as the metropolis turned into save on lockdownCredit ranking: Getty Photography – Getty

 A Wuhan resident wears a mask while buying vegetables


A Wuhan resident wears a disguise while procuring greensCredit ranking: Getty Photography – Getty

 A staff member disinfects the Hankou Railway Station in Wuhan on Wednesday morning


A workers member disinfects the Hankou Railway Location in Wuhan on Wednesday morningCredit ranking: AFP or licensors

 A patient with suspected coronavirus at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong. Many of the victims have travelled from the epicentre Wuhan


A patient with suspected coronavirus at the Prince of Wales Sanatorium in Hong Kong. A form of the victims possess travelled from the epicentre WuhanCredit ranking: Reuters



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