COVID-19: Here is New Rundown Of Putnam County Conditions By Town

There were no newly reported COVID-19 deaths reported in Putnam primarily primarily based on the latest data supplied by the county’s Department of Health.

There enjoy now been 32,032 COVID exams administered in Putnam County, which enjoy resulted in 1,659 (13 new) positive cases, the Department of Health reported in its latest breakdown.

There were 63 COVID deaths in Putnam since the outbreak began five months within the past.

The county is currently monitoring seven COVID-19 cases, and 1,652 Putnam residents are not remoted after attempting out positive for the virus greater than two weeks within the past.

A breakdown of COVID-19 cases in Putnam County, primarily primarily based on the Department of Health:

  • Carmel: 537 (3 new);
  • Southeast: 366 (5);
  • Kent: 270 (3);
  • Putnam Valley: 189 (1);
  • Patterson: 169 (1);
  • Philipstown: 128 (0).

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