Get Kids to Eat Vegetables and Like Them

I have two boys, ages 2 and 4. The 2-year-old will eat anything and everything that you put in front of him, even sushi. He loves it. The 4-year-old, however, will not eat anything unless it’s brown and/or fried.

I have tried literally EVERYTHING to get him to eat vegetables. I’ve threatened him, I’ve punished him, I’ve made him sit at the table for hours with no success. He’s stubborn as a mule and would rather go to bed hungry than eat healthy food — he must take after his daddy.

Eat Vegetables

I tried making little ants on a log once. That’s where you get celery, fill it with peanut butter and line up raisins so it looks like little ants. He would not even try it. His doctor says to give him a little more time to mature, then I can start forcing him to eat. That just doesn’t sit right with me. There has to be another way.

Get Kids to Eat Vegetables and Like Them

I found a way to be sneaky. I bought a Ninja blender last year and it has been a blessing. I tried something simple at first: smoothies, which were a hit. I would blend banana, strawberries, pineapple and sneak in some spinach and kale, then fill up a red plastic cup with a lid so that he couldn’t see that it was green. He actually drank it all.

Another sneaky meal I made was homemade pizza. I used regular pizza sauce but pureed some cauliflower, green onion and spinach with it. I spooned it over a ready-made crust, added mozzarella cheese, mini pepperonis, Parmesan cheese and some Italian seasoning and baked it for 10 minutes at 400 degrees. It turned out great and he ate all of it.

There are other recipes on the web. Luckily, he’s easily bribed as he gets older, so maybe that’s enough leverage to get him to eat healthy food without being so sneaky. For now, this works fantastic


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