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How the US handled the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918 and 1919

How the US handled the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918 and 1919

st louis spanish flu 1918

st louis spanish flu 1918

The Red Unsuitable Motor Corps on responsibility in St Louis, Missouri, in October 1918.

  • The Spanish Flu of 1918 used to be one of the critical worst pandemics in history, finally killing 50 million folks worldwide.
  • The virus hit in three waves, with the second within the middle of the plunge of 1918 particularly spelling devastation on US soil.
  • Cities across the nation shut down church buildings and colleges, required residents to wear masks, and erected makeshift hospitals to help fight the illness.
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A century before the coronavirus illness — is named COVID-19 — dominated the worldwide consciousness, yet every other deadly virus rampaged across the sphere.

Researchers acquire since established that the Spanish Flu of 1918,now is named H1N1, originated from an avian stress that mutated so that you just can contaminate folk. Theflu’s indicatorsresembled those a cool’s. Patients would customarily level to with a liquid that can pool in their lungs and lastly suffocate them.

The influenza virus finally killed 50 million folks across the globe, and including 675,000 People, the identical of 225 to 450 million folks on the present time, asCBS Newsexperiences.

But cities across the nation, from St. Louis to San Francisco, implemented measures in an strive and fight the contagion head-on.

From fresh-air therapies to gargling saltwater, listed below are one of the critical precautions that public health and metropolis officers took when the Spanish Flu ravaged the US in 1918 and 1919.

The contagion used to be dubbed the Spanish Flu for its believed initiating achieve in Spain. On the opposite hand, the staunch initiating achieve is easy unclear — some acquire steered France, China, or the US.

flu masks spanish flu 1918

Paris within the middle of the Spanish Flu pandemic in March 1919.

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There had been three waves of the Spanish Flu, but the second bout of the illness used to be particularly catastrophic for the US within the behind summer of 1918.

spanish flu 1918

A barracks health center on the campus of Colorado Agricultural College, Citadel Collins, Colorado in 1918.


It used to be introduced by World War I infantrymen returning dwelling from Europe, and as the boys dispersed to their respective dwelling cities or stations, the contagion burgeoned across the nation.

1918 flu patient

Doctors giving therapy to an influenza patient on the US Naval Well being facility in Fresh Orleans, 1918.


There wasn’t a vaccine for the virus, so the most main precautions that local and pronounce governments took had been banning public gatherings and shutting down colleges, church buildings, and picture theatres.

barber mask spanish flu 1918

Precautions taken within the middle of the influenza epidemic in 1918.

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Defense pressure personnel used to be urged to gargle saltwater as a preventive measure in opposition to the contagion, for the explanation that virus used to be regarded as unfold by nasal and throat mucus.

spanish flu 1918

Males are viewed gargling with salt and water on the War Garden at Camp Dix, Fresh Jersey, September 1918.

The US had funneled most of its sources into World War I efforts, so extra funding used to be handed to rent healthcare group, such as nurses, to help with the outbreak.

spanish flu 1918 nurses

Women folk signal up nurses in 1918.

Provide:NBC Bay Apartment

Conceal-carrying used to be widely adopted within the US.

baseball mask spanish flu 1918

Baseball gamers wear masks within the middle of the influenza epidemic of 1918.

Cities mandated that residents wear masks the least bit cases, a requirement that lasted well after quarantines resulted in some locales.

flu mask 1918

A typist wears a cloak whereas working at her place of work desk within the middle of the 1918 influenza epidemic.


Law enforcement, cherish the 1,700 officers internal the Boston Police Division, had been given masks to wear whereas on responsibility.

police mask spanish flu 1918

An American policeman carrying a ‘Flu Conceal’ to present protection to himself from the outbreak of Spanish flu in November 1918.

Cities cherish San Francisco took that recommendation to the next diploma, even writing a law around it. If a person used to be caught with out a cloak in public or even carrying it improperly, they had beenarrested or fined.

San Francisco used to be lauded for its proactive response to the virus, but metropolis officersrelaxed their restrictionsfollowing the plunge of 1918. After the third wave within the spring of 1919, San Francisco ended up with one of the critical finest loss of life charges of the flu within the US.

Provide:CBS News

Even though a piece of analysis performed later on chanced on cloak-carrying used to be no longer as efficient as previously believed in containing the outbreak.

spanish flu 1918 masks nurses

Red Unsuitable volunteers in Oakland from the Piedmont Chapter of the Red Unsuitable invent masks within the middle of the Spanish Flu pandemic in October 1918.


As infections grew by the hundreds, volunteer nurses treated residents in their properties.

Red Cross St. Luis

The Red Unsuitable Motor Corps raise a patient on a stretcher in St. Louis, Missouri, in October 1918.

The precautions that St. Louis tookhelped the metropolisin “knocking down the curve,” but the Missouri metropolis used to be hit exhausting when the flu returned the next spring in 1919 in what stands out as the third wave of the flu, merely as San Francisco used to be.

City structures and venues across the US had been transformed into hospitals and therapy sites, cherish Oakland’s Civic Auditorium to accommodate the rising need of cases grew.

oakland california spanish flu 1918 pandemic

The Oakland Civic Auditorium used to be transformed true into a makeshift infirmary in 1918.

A makeshift flu health center used to be pronounce up in San Francisco’s Civic Middle to help fancy infected patients.

san francisco flu hospital spanish 1918

An emergency flu health center staffed by US Navy Well being facility corpsman in Civic Middle in San Francisco in 1918.

Yet every other prepare that officers, particularly in Massachusetts, believed to be efficient used to be “fresh air therapies.”

1918 flu tents

An launch air fresh air cure in Lawrence, Massachusetts, in 1918.

Provide:The Boston Globe

Some public health officers believed that fresh air counteracted the unfold of the virus, so some events cherish court court cases had been held outside.

san francisco spanish flu 1918

Court is held launch air in a park as a result of Influenza Epidemic, San Francisco, 1918.

The postulate used to be that the air hurry alongside with the scurry offered by fresh air would help in curing the illness, which used to be believed to be unfold thru respiratory mucus.

spanish flu camp 1918

An influenza camp in Lawrence, Maine, the achieve patients had been given fresh air therapy.

Provide:The Boston Globe

Walks and breaths of fresh air had been also encouraged to help stave off an infection.

spanish flu 1918

Women folk from the Division of War utilize 15-minute walks to breathe in fresh air every morning and night to ward off the influenza virus within the middle of World War I in 1918.

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