‘I need my chemo to attend others touched by most cancers’

BBC Click on reporter LJ Rich became once no longer too prolonged ago identified with breast most cancers.

She determined to film a chemotherapy session to repeat other people what it involves.

Chemotherapy is an umbrella time frame for chemical drug therapies continuously historical to take care of most cancers, and one particular person’s experience may well furthermore also be very various from one other’s

LJ shares her experience and explores some comely objects concerned during fresh-day most cancers treatment.

If you happen to’ve been struggling from this memoir,BBC Action Linehas extra facts and enhance.

Peep extra atClick on’s web spaceand@BBCClick

LJ can even be talking to the Victoria Derbyshire programme about her treatment from 10: 00GMT, on BBC Two and BBC Data channel.That you simply can well maybe maybe furthermore furthermore peep it on-line.



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