Legitimate: Lickety-split amplify of COVID-19 hospitalizations in Cameron County on path to native health disaster

Cameron County authorities officials and scientific institution directors delivered a dire warning on Monday: Cameron County is on the path to a public health disaster.

The collection of americans testing obvious for COVID-19 and the collection of americans hospitalized on narrative of COVID-19 are rising rapid, acknowledged Dr. James W. Castillo II, the Cameron County health authority.

COVID-19 gadgets at native hospitals are either at capability or forthcoming capability, Castillo acknowledged.

“Or no longer it is no longer gone,” Castillo acknowledged. “Or no longer it is in point of fact here. And it is going up and up and up.”

Castillo requested all Cameron County residents to position on face masks and apply social distancing pointers to diminish the spread of COVID-19.

Carrying masks just isn’t a political self-discipline, Castillo acknowledged. Or no longer it is an efficient, identical old-sense formula to diminish the spread of COVID-19. Cloth masks are not excellent, but they develop enough to design a difference.

Castillo acknowledged as many as 30 to 50% of americans being tested for COVID-19 in Cameron County near attend obvious. Statewide, the average is ready 6%.

“This curve is getting steeper,” Castillo acknowledged, relating to the spread of the virus. “Or no longer it is going up more rapid.”

In conserving with records composed by health officials, Cameron County estimates that no longer no longer as a lot as 450 americans with involving, contagious cases of COVID-19 are newest within the neighborhood — spreading the virus.

“We enjoy now got valuable, community-primarily based transmission,” Castillo acknowledged.

If americans develop no longer attach on masks and apply social distancing pointers, hospitals can be overwhelmed, Castillo acknowledged.

Valley Baptist Health Machine CEO Manny Vela requested Cameron County residents to take hang of the virus severely.

“We enjoy seen an influx in COVID patients,” Vela acknowledged.

To govern the collection of on hand scientific institution beds and steer clear of a disaster, Cameron County desires to diminish the spread of COVID-19, Vela acknowledged.

Cameron County Deem Eddie Treviño Jr. requested each person to position on a conceal — and support the county steer clear of a disaster.

“Right here is no longer a political self-discipline” or a social self-discipline, Treviño acknowledged. “Right here’s a yelp of public health and safety.”

Trevino additionally replied to a Harlingen doctor who claims that COVID-19 is nothing to be afraid about.

Peek the video above for more records.



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