Man Apologizes After Forcing Plane To Turn Around By Pretending He Had Coronavirus In Hopes Of Going Viral

A Canadian man has chanced on himself the realm of some serious scorn (and some prison charges) after his poorly belief out prank ends up turning around a full airplane.

28 twelve months-frail James Potock—who calls himself an artist—freely admitted his plan when he pulled the stunt was as soon as to make attention and optimistically get himself as a viral video.

Well James, wager what?


Bask in most cautionary tales about wishes, this one didn’t get granted in unprejudiced the procedure he hoped. In set of applause or deep introspection or whatever the self-styled artist hoped for, he goes viral because all people appears to be if reality be toldif reality be toldinflamed at him.

So what did he originate to create so significant ire? Let’s birth from the tip.

He boarded a WestJet flight from Toronto to Jamaica alongside with about 250 diverse passengers and the flight crew. At some level throughout the flight, James (sporting a shiny purple hoodie and a face veil so he was as soon as extra noticeable) stood up and announced that he had simply come encourage from China and he wasn’t feeling successfully.

Nevertheless usually it be now not what you allege, it be the procedure you allege it. For that, let’s speedy-ahead to an interview James did after every part went down. A reporter asked him to show veil what he did.

And show veil he did.

“I stood up, I stated ‘I simply returned from a flight from Hunan province.’ Umm, I might perhaps perhaps well want stated ‘That is the capital for coronavirus.’ and then I stated ‘I originate now not if reality be told feel too successfully.’ “

With coronavirus being high on all people’s list of worries, his announcement obviously precipitated some jam. James claims he intended for it to be a shaggy dog myth and he was as soon as only attempting to rating a viral video.

No one on board the flight chanced on it silly, however James bought his viral video wish.

The flight had no desire however to flip around. They couldn’t likelihood spreading the virus in Jamaica, where they had been heading, on the off likelihood that James was as soon as in actuality in uncomfortable health.

When the flight landed encourage in Canada, James was as soon as eradicated whereas the different passengers jeered at him in collective annoyance. He had simply modified the scramble plans of successfully over 200 other folks, delaying their vacations, losing their cash, messing up reservations, and so on.

The people had been now not satisfied.

Your entire airplane was as soon as indulge in:


His deplaning, and the jeering of the different passengers, was as soon as caught on video. It’sthat videothat went viral and now James is being hailed as splendid significantthe absolute worst.

Search for, now not only did he reason his flight to relish to flip around and land in Toronto, forcing all people aboard to lose time in Jamaica, however the return flight on that identical airplane also wanted to be canceled. If truth be told, James also stranded 200+ other folks on the shrimp island.

Those other folks might perhaps perhaps well now not relish had accommodations, or any cash left to get one, e-book recent flights, and so on.

James did boom an apology during his interview, telling the reporter that he felt remorse as rapidly as he was as soon as suggested the airplane was as soon as turning around.

Let’s simply allege he is intensely unpopular online staunch now.

WestJet declined to comment excluding to whisper that it is a topic for the courts now. Since that is now not his first time disrupting a flight, it be doubtless he’ll gaze himself on no-hover lists rapidly.

Now we relish a feeling the loads of of passengers he inconvenienced and precipitated damages to with his “jokes” would potentially be OK with that.



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