Midland emergency room sees uptick in visits from those with flu signs


Updated: Wed 9: 10 AM, Jan 01, 2020

MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) —Midland Memorial Sanatorium has implemented a flu visitation thought after seeing an amplify in flu cases and folks visiting the emergency room with flu-take care of signs, per the scientific institution’s prevention educated, Val Sparks.

“We had over 450 folks in the closing week. And over 45 p.c of those tested sure for influenza. We’re additionally seeing a gorgeous sequence of RSV in our infants, that’s respiratory Syncytial Virus,” Sparks said.

Sparks said the sequence of those going to the MMH ER with flu signs is trigger for field for the reason that amount has nearly quadrupled in a month.

“This is fully high. Previously, a month ago, we had been seeing a hundred or so in the emergency department with flu-Fancy signs. And now we’re over 450 in a week,” she said.

Sparks said the closing time the scientific institution saw an amplify take care of this for flu signs became once encourage in January of 2018. The scientific institution then implemented a visitation protection.

The flu visitation thought became once implemented again this day to forestall the flu from spreading to those recovering and being handled on the scientific institution.

The scientific institution is asking children beneath 14 to not discuss over with in-affected person areas and folks with flu signs to not discuss over with sufferers.

The educated additionally encourages residents to quilt their coughs and wash their hands. Sparks added that flu cases are expected to proceed into early 2020.

“We wait for this happening for maybe the next four to six weeks attributable to the holidays. Everyone became once collectively, the weather has was slightly chillier, folks are staying indoors, and spreading this,” Sparks said.

The scientific institution is additionally taking other steps to forestall the flu from spreading.
Sparks said some team contributors bear got the flu shot. Employees which haven’t got the shot must wear masks when treating sufferers.

Employees wash their hands even extra now, and sufferers are equipped with hand sanitizer on their trays, per Sparks.

Flu stands bear additionally been effect of residing up at scientific institution entrances with hand sanitizer and masks for mates.



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