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Life Hack – How I lost weight – 40 pounds of fat in 4 months

This guide is simply to tell you of my life hacks to lose weight.  My – how I lost 40 lbs journey. No fluff involved.

This was accomplished with no exercise, but simply what I ate. And I still ate a lot!

I hope you enjoy.

My list of life hacks to lose weight


  1. To begin with
  2. Insulin
  3. What foods and beverages I did not consume
  4. What foods and beverages I did consume
  5. Natural Stuff
  6. Dinner
  7. Thyroid
  8. Diarrhea
  9. Supplements
  10. Stretching
  11. In conclusion

To begin with

Losing my weight was 100% a change in my thinking.

It’s was (is) a state of mind where I made the decision to do this for a week, no matter what. (Obviously, it went on for a lot longer than that) I decided that it did not matter (to begin with) what my diet tasted like (we’ll discuss that later) because I was going to reap the benefit of lost weight. Period. Basically, I ate like I was living 500 years ago. I ate a lot of food… just the right kind of food.

It all boils down to carbohydrates and processed foods.


Insulin is a hormone that is responsible for storing fat. When a farmer wants to fatten up his cattle or a sumo wrestler wants to put on weight quickly, they don’t eat fats. That would fill them up and not have the desired effect. Instead, their life hack is to feed them grain – wheat for the cattle, rice for the sumo wrestler. In other words, carbohydrates.

They do this for grain’s ability to spike insulin. It’s insulin that is needed to swell the body’s adipose cells (fat cells) and deposit even more fat. Without a spike, in insulin, you’d actually have a very hard time gaining weight.

Eating a diet high in carbohydrates will prevent stored body fat from being used as fuel. There is never a chance for your body to switch back to using it as an energy source.

Body Sugar

Your body isn’t very good at dealing with large amounts of carbohydrates. Any meal high in carbs converts quickly to significant amounts of glucose. Your blood sugar levels must be maintained in a fairly narrow range. As soon as the glucose levels get too high, your body releases insulin to deal with it.

This is a protective mechanism we have developed over thousands of years which would have been useful in the past when food was scarce. That’s no longer the case and now it’s our endless consumption of fattening sugar and grains that is making so many of us obese, leading to a huge rise in diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

What foods and beverages I did not consume

  • Processed Sugar
  • Starchy stuff like
    • Bread
    • Pasta
    • Rice
    • Oatmeal
    • Potatoes (ok, I ate some small portions)
    • Junk food
  • Any drink with sugar or alcohol (ok maybe a little alcohol, Ha!)

No Processed Sugar

Why not sugar? In my view, sugar is the number one substance in the world that makes you fat. The problem with it is when consumed, processed sugar (also called refined sugar), has an extremely high rate of metabolism and a complete lack of healthy nutrients and the bad inability to make me feel full. This is the number one reason it contributes to obesity and chronic diseases.

In doing some research, I found that sugar comes from sugar cane, yet extreme refinement has eliminated all of the fiber and plant nutrients.

Glucose and Fructose

Refined sugar is quickly broken down into glucose and fructose. The increase in glucose would spike my insulin and blood sugar levels, giving me a quick surge of energy. If I do not use this energy immediately, my body turns it into fat. Fructose is metabolized in my liver and is absorbed all at once, increasing fat cell production and more workload on my liver.

So, if I wasn’t going to exercise, then I needed to cut the energy coming into my body. CARBS!

No Starchy Stuff

Starch turns into SUGAR!

No drink with sugar or alcohol

Soft drinks, sweet tea, sweetened coffee obviously contains…. SUGAR!

Alcohol breaks down into….. SUGAR!

Get the picture? I stayed away from CARBOHYDRATES!

What foods and beverages I did consume

Tree nuts (I stayed away from peanuts because of the high content of oil in them)
Water, unsweet tea, black coffee
And yep, I still ate cheese.

Natural Stuff

I tried my best to watch the ingredients on food packages. I stayed away from preservatives and chemicals I couldn’t pronounce.


I had a salad.


Yep, salads with grilled chicken, beef, tuna, etc. I put fruit in ‘em like strawberries, cranberries, oranges, and pineapple. I made it fun. I knew that after I ate a full salad, with no carbs, that no fat storage would occur through the night. I found salad dressings in Kroger that had no calories too. They were in the pharmacy aisle.


Found out my thyroid was controlling a lot of the weight gain/loss too. It sends out hormones that control this. I started taking iodine (liquid drops) every day. In my research, I found that the thyroid, over time, (which is supposed to have only iodine molecules in certain receptors) absorbs other “lines” instead of like chlorine, fluorine, and bromine.

When I started using the iodine, it would knock out some of these other “lines”  and replace them with the right molecule. When the thyroid works better, everything starts working better.


When I changed my diet I saw some changes in expelling waste. I see nothing wrong with diarrhea. It cleans you out. It gets rid of toxins and bacteria quick.

I just made sure I kept hydrated if that occurred.


I thought I may need some supplements. I took 2 multivitamins, 2 calcium/magnesium, vitamin c, and b vitamins. As it turns out, I didn’t need them as bad as I thought because I was actually getting plenty of nutrition from the foods that I started eating. Never hurts thoughts.


I found that doing a little stretching in the morning not only made me feel a little better through the day, but I would also get an energy boost as well.

In conclusion

After a while, doing this reset how my body functioned. No longer were my insulin, blood pressure and angina (heart palpitations) at high levels. All with no exercise.  Just my normal routine. Then I pursued more taste in my diet and with some research found a happy medium between great taste and staying thin.

I felt good with a lot more energy. Again, it was all in my mind. How I looked at eating.

These were my life hacks to lose weight. Of course, there are many other alternatives to weight loss out there. This just worked for me.

Thanks for reading!


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