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No malaria deaths recorded in past year

No malaria deaths recorded in past year


First such achievement in a decade attributed to BMC’s malaria-control pressure

For the main time in 10 years, Mumbai didn’t document a single malaria loss of life in 2019.

The decade started with 145 malaria deaths in 2010, and civic officials went all out to curb its unfold.

Malaria is transmitted by the female anopheles mosquito that breeds in dirty stagnant water. While the metropolis recorded over 4,100 certain cases of malaria in 2019, consultants said not recording any deaths is a sizable style. Municipal Commissioner Praveen Pardeshi lauded employees of the public neatly being department, insecticide department and the ground employees that labored in direction of malaria control.

Per civic officials, the malaria control programme applied aggressively since 2010 incorporated vector (contaminated female anopheles mosquito) control activities, encouraging rapid therapy, public consciousness, and so forth.

Since 2010, officials said extra than 65,954 breeding spots possess been destroyed and articles all over the metropolis where breeding can steal characteristic, had been eradicated. In areas where patients examined certain for malaria, civic officials implemented combing operations to track breeding spots and damage them. The BMC additionally issued notices and fined of us who possess been negligent and allowed breeding to steal characteristic on their premises.



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