Scarlet fever outbreak: A range of of cases reported all over England and Wales

Scarlet fever, a contagious an infection which causes flu-savor indicators and a rash, appears to be coming round again with a recorded 450 cases in England and 30 in Wales in the week ending December 1.

Figures released by Public Neatly being England (PHE) maintain recorded a dramatic upward thrust in the different of reported cases between 2013, when there were 4,366 cases of scarlet fever, and 2016 with 17,829 cases.

The British Scientific Journal final year eminent the return of the Victorian-era an infection after years of decline.

The supreme numbers of scarlet fever cases were recorded in Cumbria, Yorkshire, London, Derbyshire, Buckinghamshire and the South East of England.

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Scarlet fever outbreak: Hundreds of cases reported across England and Wales - the symptoms

Scarlet fever outbreak: A range of of cases were reported all over England and Wales(Image: GETTY)

The following different of cases were recorded in every set aside:

Buckinghamshire 53

Cambridgeshire – 43

Derbyshire – 59

Devon – 23

Dorset – 1

East of England unitary authorities – 5

East Midlands unitary authorities- 7

East Sussex – 3

Essex – 10

Gloucestershire -5

Greater Manchester – 39

Hampshire – 13

Hertfordshire – 9

Kent – 10

Lancashire – 9

Leicstershire – 28

Lincolnshire- 2

London – 54

Merseyside – 36

Norfolk – 7

Northamptonshire – 7

North East unitary authorities – 2

North West Unitary authorities – 16

North Yorkshire – 53

Nottinghamshire – 9

Outer London – 36

Oxfordshire – 6

Somerset – 4

South East – 53

South East Unitary authorities – 8

South West unitary authorities- 11

South Yorkshire – 12

Staffordshire – 9

Suffolk – 4

Surrey – 2

Tyne and Build aside on – 13

Wales – 30

Warwickshire – 1

West Midlands – 47

West Midlands unitary authorities- 1

West Sussex – 6

West Yorkshire – 24

Worcestershire – 5

Yorkshire and the Humber unitary authorities – 7


Symptoms of scarlet fever

The first indicators of scarlet fever may possibly even be flu-savor indicators, per the NHS, including a excessive temperature of 38C or above, a sore throat and swollen neck glands (a colossal lump on the aspect of your neck).

A rash then seems about a days later.

The NHS says: “The rash feels savor sandpaper and begins on the chest and tummy.

“On lighter skin it seems to be crimson or red. On darker skin it will even be more refined to stare, nonetheless you would also quiet genuinely feel it.”

Scarlet fever outbreak: Hundreds of cases reported across England and Wales - the symptoms

Scarlet fever outbreak: A “strawberry tongue” is one in every of the indicators associated with the illness(Image: GETTY)

A white coating also seems on the tongue which peals leaving it red and swollen.

Right here is on the total described as a “strawberry tongue”.

The rash doesn’t are inclined to ear on the face, nonetheless the cheeks may possibly even be flushed.

Symptoms are the same for teenagers adults, despite the reality that scarlet fever is exceptional rarer in adults.

Scarlet fever outbreak: Hundreds of cases reported across England and Wales - the symptoms

Scarlet fever outbreak: Washing hands on a odd basis can end the unfold of the illness(Image: GETTY)

The NHS extra advises to stare a GP whereas you happen to or your child has scarlet fever indicators, manufacture not salvage better in per week, are ailing again weeks after scarlet fever has cleared up and are feeling ill and were in contact with any individual who has scarlet fever.

Scarlet fever tends to final around per week and an particular individual may possibly even be infectious up to seven days sooner than indicators open till 24 hours after taking the main antibiotic capsules.

Those who don’t purchase antibiotics may possibly even be infectious for 2 to 3 weeks after indicators open.

How are you able to end scarlet fever spreading?

If your child has scarlet fever you shouldn’t let them run into college or nursery for as a minimum 24 hours after they open taking antibiotics, advises Bupa.

The health organisation adds: “Be obvious your child washes their hands on a odd basis and again correct hygiene in any respect occasions. This entails washing their hands in the morning and at the tip of the day, after going to the bathroom and sooner than and after eating meals. Washing your hands is an efficient formulation to connect away with bacteria.”



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