Sports Ideas for Children Who Suffer From Asthma 2

Children who suffer from asthma often miss out on the opportunity to play sports. Running and physical exertion will put too much strain on the lungs, and can bring on an attack at the most inopportune times. Even so, you don’t want your child to miss out on the chance to participate in sporting events. For this reason it makes sense to find sports that allow them to benefit from participation, but are not physically exerting.

Before you start buying tons of equipment for a new sport for your asthmatic child, talk to them about what they may be interested in. This will give you the insight you need in order to find a sport that they will be happy to take on. Offer up these suggestions during your talk and see which is most appealing:


Bowling for Children Who Suffer From Asthma

Bowling leagues for kids offer the same opportunities as other team sports, without exertion that triggers attacks. Look at your local bowling alleys and ask them about special leagues. If possible, you may even try and get one of his friends to join with him so he feels more comfortable at the beginning.

Equipment: There is no need to go crazy with equipment, as most bowling alleys rent what is needed. If the sport does catch on with your child, though you could consider their own bowling ball and shoes to make the experience more personal.


Archery provides an opportunity for your child to enjoy an outdoor sport that will not trigger any asthma attacks. Camps and leagues can be found where a coach will teach your child the finer points of the sport, its history and the best techniques. The concentration needed will actually help your child learn how to control their breathing, which could be helpful in stopping an asthma attack from taking place.

Equipment: Like with bowling you may be able to rent the recurve bow and arrows for beginners from the archery range, or online from review sites, your child goes to. If you do decide to get them their own, your child needs to go to the sporting goods store with you. A recurve bow needs to be the right size for their height. You could also pick them up a sight for the recurve bow to help with their aim.


Golf is a more expensive sport to get your child involved in, but will provide the most physical exercise with over exertion. If this is a sport that you already love, you can use it as an opportunity to spend more time together. If not, look for junior leagues that teach the basics of the sport and encourage team play with competitions.

Equipment: With the exception of the special shoes, you are not going to want to make a financial commitment to this sport until you are sure your kid is going to keep up with it. Golf equipment can be very expensive, even for children.

It is hard to let your child go, especially when they are plagued with a chronic illness like asthma. But let them get the most of their childhood by finding sports that give them the benefit of team work but will not be harmful to their health.


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