The Straightforward Freezer Hack I Spend to Cleave Down on Sugar

I non-public one of these sweet teeth that I’ve been known to position maple syrup on my hash browns. Nonetheless two years ago, I started now now not to actually feel so astronomical after I ate sugar — it actually wrecks my stomach. At one level, I had todecrease it out fully — even fruit! In region of getting unhappy about now now not having the flexibility to eat dairy-free ice cream, chocolate, or vegan baked items, I discovered originate sweetness with banana when I became as soon as in a position to embody it aid into my weight-reduction arrangement with none digestive components.

Mashed banana is a astronomical different to sugar! I consume extra to sweetenchocolate chip banana cakes,add it to oatmeal, and consume it to derivesugar-free cookies.

To ensure I continually non-public ample banana on hand, I’ve been mashing it then freezing it in ice dice trays, making it more uncomplicated to make consume of than frozen objects of entire banana. I correct mash two regular-sized bananas with a fork and divide them evenly into an ice dice tray. Then I do know that six cubes equals one banana. I retailer the cubes in a tumbler container in the freezer.

If I must add half of a banana to sweeten my oatmeal, I will microwave three cubes in a bowl or add them to the pan if I’m cooking oats on the diversity. If I’m making overnight oats, I correct add the frozen cubes to the jar and it defrosts in the fridge overnight. It’s miles a straightforward formula so to add natural sweetness and a astronomical formula to consume up a gargantuan bunch of ripe bananas.



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