The Week That Wasn’t in COVID-19: Urine, Preclinical Vaccine

This week in COVID-19 recordsdata, researchers learned SARS-CoV-2 in an infected patient’s urine, an Italian biotech firm said its vaccine candidates confirmed promising preclinical results, and a few patients with COVID-19 and diversified diseases recovered from the infection. However you did no longer peep these headlines on Medscape. Here’s why.

Coronavirus in Urine

Researchers at the first affiliated sanatorium of Guangzhou Clinical University in Guangzhou, Chinareportedthat they isolated SARS-CoV-2 from the urine of a patient with COVID-19. Many experiences about identifying SARS-CoV-2 inquite loads of bodily fluidsor on surfaces simplest indicate that the researchers isolated the coronavirus’ RNA thru PCR attempting out, however in this study the researchers examined whether or now no longer the coronavirus they isolated modified into once unruffled capable of infecting cells. They learned that it modified into once. “Acceptable precautions wants to be taken to retain far from transmission from urine,” they write. 

This portray of SARS-CoV-2 in a single urine sample isnow no longer the first, and but researchers who ran aelevated studyin which they examined 72 urine specimens for the coronavirus learned that none examined optimistic. A single case portray is now no longer sufficient recordsdata to swap clinical apply, even for COVID-19. Especially pondering the conflicting proof from a elevated study, we did no longer judge our readers wished to utilize time on this case portray. 

Italian Biotech’s Vaccine 

Rome-primarily primarily based mostly biotechnology firm Takis offered that its 5 candidate vaccines induced a win antibody response in opposition to SARS-CoV-2 in animal attempting out, constant with apress unlock. An Italian science newsletterexperiencesthat human assessments are anticipated to happen after the summer season. 

Many vaccines are in development for COVID-19, and a few arealready being examinedin clinical trials. We did no longer judge this press unlock about preclinical assessments, however promising, modified into once price the consideration of busy clinicians. 

Recovery Tales

Two heartwarming tales in native recordsdata stores that bought quite loads of consideration on-line disclose about how aman with most cancersand a7-one year feeble boy with sickle cell anemiaboth recovered from bouts with COVID-19. The particular person bought remdesivir and the boy had three blood transfusions, constant with the data experiences. “He had to retain getting caught by the needle since the needle saved popping out,” the boy’s mother said. “To explore him fight thru that, it modified into once essentially upsetting.”

Tales admire these, and an earlier one from Medscape about anItalian doctor who recoveredafter receivingtocilizumab, highlight that many folks sick with COVID-19 enact gather better. Truly, so many enact that lets infrequently retain up although we tried to jot down about every case of recovery. Because these contemporary recordsdata experiences don’t have sufficient medical recordsdata to be valuable for clinicians, we made up our minds now no longer to hide these particular recovery conditions. 

Ellie Kincaid is Medscape’s affiliate managing editor. She has beforehand written about healthcare forForbes, theWall Freeway Journal, andNature Treatment.

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