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Letter to the Group: September 1, 2020

Hi there Thurston County! Labor Day weekend is coming up! Whereas you take half within the prolonged weekend and taking time to join with family and most favorite ones, please be conscious to restrict your gatherings to 10 folks or less, meet start air where that that that you just can per chance possibly be assume, wait on as a minimum 6 toes of distance between you and non-household contributors, and wear a face holding. These uncomplicated measures can wait on to slack the spread of COVID-19 in our neighborhood!

In July, we experienced a valuable magnify in our transmission charges and correct via our investigations, we chanced on Fourth of July celebrations were a valuable contributor to this rise. Persevering with to take note about covering, distancing, and limiting start air household contacts is wanted to bringing our transmission charges down and progressing to a fetch return to public life. I sincerely hope we don’t leer an magnify in COVID-19 cases associated with gatherings over the Labor Day weekend.

I love and possess enjoyed the questions you had been submitting. This week, I possess chosen 3 more to answer.

Inquire 1: If I turn out to be once identified with COVID, how would contact tracking work in Thurston County? Build other counties in Washington extinguish the identical kind of tracking?

Big ask! As soon as a resident of Thurston County tests clear for COVID-19, the final consequence is reported to Thurston County Public Health and Social Products and services (PHSS) and a COVID-19 Illness Investigation workers member begins a case investigation. The employees person will contact the particular person who examined clear, portray them of their take a look at consequence, and give them instructions to isolate for as a minimum 10 days and remain fever-free for 24 hours without medications. The case investigator can even possess everyone else of their household quarantine.

The case investigator will then conduct an interview to put a matter to about high-probability exposure areas delight in shuttle, being in contact with somebody who’s unwell, or attending events. Investigators can even attach a matter to the clear case who they spent bigger than 15 minutes with, at a distance of 6 toes or less correct via their infectious duration, which is defined as 48 hours earlier than signs start or 48 hours earlier than a clear take a look at for individuals who extinguish now not display signs. Every of those folks would be regarded as a shut contact.

Contact tracers name each and each known shut contact and mumble them to acquire examined for COVID-19 per Washington Verbalize Department of Health guidelines, even within the occasion that they are asymptomatic. If they take a look at detrimental, they’re required to quarantine for 14 days. If they take a look at clear, they need to isolate for as a minimum 10 days and remain fever-free for 24 hours, without treatment, earlier than they no longer want to isolate. All data got via case investigations and make contact with tracing stays confidential and the name of the particular person is now not shared with the contacts. If somebody has examined clear, they’ve an responsibility to mumble their employer. PHSS will on the total attach a matter to for lists of folks on shift at the identical time because the particular person who examined clear to wait on in contact tracing. This plot of case investigation and make contact with tracing is comparable across all counties in Washington Verbalize.

Inquire 2: How rapidly after exposure would possibly per chance possibly unprejudiced quiet I take a look at? As an instance, if I step off a plane and straight away rob a COVID-19 take a look at, will it accurately display if I caught COVID-19 correct via that plane breeze?

Thank you for bringing up this topic as it can per chance possibly also be confusing. Let me first focus on quite bit about the accessible tests.

  • Viral PCR take a look at: These tests take a look at for the genetic topic cloth of the virus. To manufacture this take a look at a pattern is taken from a affected person’s nostril, nasopharynx (stop of the nasal passage), or throat. The lab then compares the genetic topic cloth on the swab with known genetic topic cloth from the SARS-CoV-2 virus and, if there would possibly be a match, the take a look at consequence’s apparent. A one who tests clear for COVID-19 with a PCR take a look at is a confirmed case.
  • Antigen take a look at: These tests take a look at for viral proteins. Though these tests possess become more official over time, they’re now not as official as PCR tests and a clear antigen take a look at is labeled as a probable case.
  • Saliva take a look at: These are being developed, loads of which use PCR to detect the virus.
  • Antibody take a look at: These are blood tests and take a look at for immune proteins that the body makes to fight off the virus. Antibody tests display if an particular person turn out to be once exposed to the virus, however extinguish now not diagnose active an infection or present data about immunity station.

For Viral PCR and Antigen tests to work, an staunch specimen wishes to be got and the affected person being examined wishes to be actively shedding the virus. The incubation duration, or the time frame between when an particular person will get contaminated and after they display signs, is between 2 and 14 days and viral shedding can rob as a lot as 5 days to occur after an infection.

So, whenever you occur to turned contaminated while on a plane, that that you just can per chance per chance possibly take a look at detrimental at the stop of the plane breeze however would likely take a look at clear 5 days later. Right here is why shut contacts are requested to examine for COVID-19 after they’re known and contacted. If shut contacts take a look at outcomes are detrimental, they’re suggested to quarantine for 14 days and retest within the occasion that they fabricate signs.

Inquire 3: I’m questioning if we can know how COVID-19 is affecting youngsters and the plot they’re recovering?

In Thurston County, as of August 30, 2020, there had been 72 cases in folks between the ages of 12 and 19, 1 hospitalization, and nil deaths. Whereas hospitalization charges and demise charges for youngsters are low each and each in Thurston County and nationwide, the CDC has reported youngsters who possess died of COVID-19 mostly as a consequence of underlying effectively being stipulations. The CDC also reported folks 18-34 years extinct who possess had prolonged-lasting signs, longer than 2-3 weeks after contracting the illness, no topic now not being unwell enough to warrant hospitalization. Because COVID-19 is a up to date illness, we extinguish now not know the prolonged-term impacts of an infection. Right here is why we attend folks of all ages to glimpse bodily distancing of as a minimum 6 toes from non-household contributors, wear a cowl, conceal their cough, steer clear of social gatherings of elevated than 10 folks, and wash their hands regularly.

Thank you all so noteworthy for your big questions this week. I protect up for answering your public effectively being questions next week. Please submit your questions Stop fetch this weekend!

Wishing you the better of effectively being,

Dimyana Abdelmalek, MD, MPH

Thurston County Health Officer

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