You’ve seen a Doctor Now what?
Medical office - middle-aged male doctor greeting patient, shaking hands.

Hopefully, you’ve seen a Doctor and have referred to a specialist of some kind to assess you or to simply talk about the deep problems that are affecting you psychologically. I will outline in many more posts to come about next steps to take.

Please note I live in England so the information is tailored to facilities and services found in England only. There may be transferable and Universal procedures that are still relevant but information and procedures inevitably vary from town to city from country to continent. Never give up hope do your research and ask those around you for help to ensure you are aware of services you may be entitled to.

Perhaps you’ve been referred and are waiting for your next appointment with a specialist. Just trust the process. Relinquish any thoughts that you are going crazy or are weak and pathetic for seeking help. I can tell you I have felt the exact same way. It is a waste of time. Just do your best to remain objective. You are going through a tough time. But you are taking steps towards healing and that is all that matters.

Ensure you are in a position to take time out of work whether it be a fortnight or more. Get that finalized asap. Don’t worry about what your boss or co-worker thinks. You are incapable of work. You do not have to explain yourself. Just hand in the relevant medical, not that asserts you have been given sick leave due to your illness. You are ill right now and deserve to rest and recover. You cannot continue with Life in this state. Without rest, your mental, physical and emotional health will deteriorate more and further health complications will arise. On my note, it was listed as “anxiety states.”

Sleep, meditate, watch a movie, read a book if you can. Although it is likely you struggle to do any of the above. That’s ok. I have been there too. Just sit or lie on the floor. You may look and feel like hell. that is all part of a nervous breakdown. Your mind might be racing. these are all symptoms of a breakdown. Do not be afraid. Overeating or loss of appetite is part and parcel of it. These are normal signs to be experiencing. Understand that the racing thoughts flooding your mind, insomnia, struggling to breath are symptoms. It is no different to the pain, broken bones and bleeding of a physical accident like a broken knee. It’s horrifying but it is part of the destruction of a body not at full health.

Make sure you or someone you trust help you with the following:

+Have a quiet space.

+Check you are receiving Statutory Sick Pay. In the UK this is an option.

+If you have left your job and not receiving statutory sick pay as a UK citizen lookout for some type of financial support. In the UK we have Employment Support Allowance. (I was never told this during my first breakdown!)

So inform your employer that you are not fit to work via Doctor’s note.

Do not think about work. That is excess pressure you do NOT need.

Get help to research the financial implications of taking time off work or stopping work altogether. Just beware this is something to research. Do NOT rush into it.

Try to remain as objective and methodical about getting things in place so you can have space to recover. Write a list of what needs to be done. (Again get someone else to write a list for you.) Relinquish the need to rush to complete it. Get someone to help you. Delay away. So what if you don’t hand the form in on time. Do what you can. Go about it at YOUR OWN PACE. SLOW DOWN. 


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