Buying a Home? Here are 8 Things You Should Consider - Life Hacks
Buying a Home? Here are 8 Things You Should Consider - Life Hacks

Years of struggle finally pays off when you build your own home. But out of excitement, many people forget or just ignore a few things that must be considered before you build a house.

After a solid foundation, floors constitute the most important ingredient. It does not only have to be wooden or chip, but you should look in a broader perspective and look at other factors as well. The climate in your area is a key factor in affecting the durability of floors. Moreover, different kinds of floors require a particular type of maintenance. You should be aware of all such aspects.

2. The Walls

This is probably the most considerable thing while buying a home. You should look for any patches on the wall, very keenly. Because even of a repair was done, the seller is expected to remove all such patches and ambiguity before selling the house. If it is still there, you should demand a repair. It would not only reveal the attitude of the seller, but it would also show any potential fixtures.

3. Air Conditioners

Now, every house has air conditioning, but as a potential buyer, you must go beyond that and be skeptical. Usually, the houses only have a single air conditioning unit for the entire house but the first floor becomes very suffocating in summers. Therefore, you should look for a house with independent air conditioning systems.

4.The Windows

Windows should not only have smooth hinges that allow it to open and close soundlessly, but you should also look for the windows with double pane fittings.

5. The Exterior

Most of the people just look for a good paint and a nicely trimmed garden. Although that is a very wealthy part of inspection but there is a lot more to check. You should not forget to visit the roof and inspect any drilling or patches out there. It would be great if you hire a roof inspector and obtain a certificate for your roof, mentioning that it would last for at least 5 years.

6. Appliances

Appliances should only be checked by turning them on and off, after all, you are buying a house. You should spare some time and explore each of its feature and peer check it to see whether the appliance is in its optimum condition or not.

7. The Layout

Well, this is very important. After a few years, even your family is expected to grow and most of us cannot afford to change house after each addition to the family. Not only this, but you should also look at it from a viewpoint that does not abrogate the policy nor does it make it look like a cluster.

8.Plumbing System

Even if it requires a dedicated visit, you should not let it go. All the aspects related to flooring and toilet must be comprehended and if you find any issue, get it resolved before you shift into the house.



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