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  • To eliminate clumps of protein or chocolate powder in your milk, layer in a bit at a time, stir, repeat.

  • Claim it's your birthday at restaurants for a bit more free food.

  • At restaurants with "bottomless X", order a small item, and reorder the free stuff repeatedly. (Red Robins fries, Sizzler's bread, etc.)

  • If you're usually out and want to money on housing, sleep in your car, and shower at gyms. Spacious cars like the Honda Element are well-suited.

  • Eliminate tasks. Automate what you can't eliminate. Batch what you can't automate. (Laundry, shopping, email, paying bills...)

  • Set a container of 30 grams of pre-mixed protein shake by your bed before going to sleep. Drink it within 30 minutes of waking up, as recommended by 4 Hour Body. Any burping required will make you want to sit up and get you out of bed if you're the type to have trouble getting out of bed.

  • Buy large sizes protein powder, and drink protein shakes to stave off hunger and reduce calorie intake.

  • One blazer doubles your T-shirt wardrobe.

  • To hack your mind and stop procrastinating, approach the task you've been avoiding without emotional commitment: "If I were to do it right now, what WOULD I look at and do?" ("I WOULD open spreadsheets, make sure X, Y, and Z are covered in the email..."). You go through the actions without the emotional attachment.

  • Instead of buying ice cream bars on a stick, save used popsicle sticks, buy a tub of ice cream, and wrap the ice cream around the sticks to get ice cream for more bars/$

  • Skip proper food decoration, seasoning, and arrangement, and instead just shove each ingredient in your mouth instead to save time.

  • If you feel you're behind in life, live more healthily to get more of it.

  • Wear disguises, and fill up and samples at certain grocery stores.

  • Lift your legs while doing pull-ups to work out abs at the same time

  • Blend all your healthy foods into a shake, and down it.

  • Tighten your shoe laces so your shoes wear out more slowly.

  • Alter your environment, and prepare your surroundings to avoid bad habits. (e.g. make shakes the night before so you don't end up buying McDonald's in the morning. Eliminate most junk food, and make healthier food easier to grab.)

  • Why pay for haircuts? Shave your head.

  • When you can't find a picture on your phone from your computer, upload the picture to Twitter, save the file from your computer, then delete the tweet.

  • sell your old books and bookshelves, and use the money to buy digital ebooks.

  • Prevent fluid spills, and dust accumulation from ruining your bed by leaving on the plastic wrapping of your new mattress.

  • When shopping for clothes, go straight to the changing rooms to see what other people have chosen to try on. It's more likely that those choices are of better taste than selecting from all the options on display.

  • Tape the sides of nail clippers.

  • Do squats and curls at the same time.

  • Do wall sits when working at a desk. It doesn't distract you from focusing on your work like other exercises do. This requires a seat that you can put against the wall of course.

  • After starting a Youtube video, press tab 6 times, spacebar, tab 5 times, spacebar, tab 1 time, spacebar - to set the video quality to max without having to precisely position your mouse.



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