5 Easy & Quick Tips For a Productive life

I thought it would be fun to share with you five ways to be more productive, let's get started :

1- Tip number one: is to have a good morning ritual, you don't know what a ritual is you probably live an exciting life, basically, it's to do the same thing every day sounds so frigging fun from experience.
I know that if I wake up really late stay in bed and just don't have a productive morning my whole day usually goes like that, but if I wake up early the earlier the better and like maybe give myself an hour just for myself and then actually like start working my whole day is usually very productive I really really suggest giving yourself like an hour in the morning to make the exercise to meditate do yoga any of that stuff is so great and makes you super motivated or like writing your goals reviewing your goals and your plans that makes you so freaking motivated because you actually know what you're working towards and you're like oh yeah I really really want to do that but I have to work for it, so I'm gonna do it today see if

2- Tip number two is to set goals for yourself, I have a ton of goals I have like monthly, weekly, monthly, already something yearly, daily like goals are my thing okay and putting them somewhere where you can see them every day, maybe make a vision board put them on your lock screen. I don't know something where you can see them every day so you can review them every day maybe in the morning that's what I do um and it just again keeps you motivated because you know what you're working towards and you don't get in that annoying place where you like I don't feel like doing anything cuz like why I even doing does this is soloing you don't usually think like that because you know what you're working towards

3- Tip number three : is to plan and if you're anything like me you love planning but sticking to that plan is kind of thing so I like to create a weekly plane plane I create planes I like to create a plan every single Sunday so I kind of know what I'm going to be doing I don't go into too much detail because obviously you never know what's going to pop up but just so I kind of have an idea of what I need to get done and what my week is going to look like and then every single night I make a to-do list for the next day and you need to do it than I do for it because if you do in the morning a lot of times I'm like I don't feel like doing anything today and I'm like I don't feel that good and I just make excuses but if I do it the night before I'm like well I already made it well let's do this

4- Tip number four : a really good tip is to only write 6 tasks on your to-do list because usually people write like so many things it looks like a freaking essay and that's never going to work because you just get overwhelmed and you're like oh my frigging god I am so much no one to do if you only have 6 things you're like I only have 6 things to do today I can do this so yeah do it do all the planning and try to actually follow it.

5- Tip number five : is to get organized that's on like soap in your room or your workspace or wherever you work and speaking of that having a proper workspace is very important I'm still living at home so I only have a small little room where I do all of my work so a good tip for people like me is to go to a coffee shop go to the library and do your work there if you are going to just do everything at your desk turn it away from your bed because otherwise is just calling your name and it's hard to resist.

Those were all of my tips I hope this was helpful for you go get your work done.

Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzx5C-cQQGI



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