MLM Free Traffic Generation

For MLM there are great ways to get free advertising on the Internet. Remember that you can either leverage your time or your money. In general, free advertising will leverage your time. You will need to put time into them in order to get results.

#1) Forum Posting

I am going to recommend two forums to join, Conquer Your Niche. What is really cool about this forum is that You'll get to display an ad on the forum. And they give you advertisement credits every time you post, reply, or even READ a post. Log into those links and follow the instructions written to create your FREE account.

The most important thing about being in a forum is to include a link to your website in your signature file

#2) Article Marketing

Once you have an article written where YOU are the author, you become an instant authority. When people find your article, read it and get some good information from it, they appreciate you and view you as someone who knows something about that topic. That appreciation quickly grows into trust and when they click the link in your article resource box to visit your website, they will be much more likely to sign up with you in one of your recommended business opportunities or buy one of your recommended products. Remember, the more links you get on quality websites pointing back to you, the more money you will make online. Article submission is an easy way to get quality links back to your website.

If you are going to submit your article to one article directory, do it to . Its the biggest and gets the most traffic by far.

If you want to leverage your money a little bit more, use Article Marketer, you submit your article to them, and they submit it to hundreds upon hundreds of article directory sites. This is what I call leverage!

#3) Social Networking

The first is Face Book . Face Book is like My Space, but for grown-ups. Click on the link I just provided and register. Once registered, make sure you put a brief biography of yourself. Here is a little hint, don't make it something like "My business is the best business and you would be a fool not to join it". That is a HUGE turn-off to people and no one will listen to you. Put something relevant about yourself.

Once you are on there, look around and find people with similar interests to you and send them "friend/contact" request. If they accept, their profile will be linked to yours and you can begin to have conversations with them and establish a relationship. Remember these are Networking sites so the key is to network.

Ohh yeah, feel free to add me as a friend when you register!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

My second tool is known as Twitter. Twitter .

When I say under used, I mean that while lots of people are on Twitter, for the most part it is strictly a gab session, however, when used properly, Twitter can drive huge traffic to your blog or web site.

The key is that once you are on Twitter, and have established some credibility and/or relationships with the people that "Follow" you on Twitter, the time is perfect for you to use it to drive traffic.

My third and coolest tool is a web site called Yuwie. It is a social networking site like Facebook. Go join, they are both for free. Plus you can earn $$ while using Yuwie ๐Ÿ˜‰

Another site worth mentioning is Zenzuu. It is similar in design to Yuwie.

Other recommended sites are known as business networking ones. These are also VERY effective:

Adland Pro


#4) Blogging

Publishing a blog allows you to instantly create new content-rich web pages. These new pages should include links that point back to your web site that we created earlier and/or promoted separately.

You can do this in one of two ways. You can either get a free blog at . Those are fine and will serve a purpose, but if you REALLY want to have search engines go crazy, you need your own unique blog address (not one that ends in

With a unique URL you are branding YOU and YOUR BLOG as unique in the eyes of search engines which will make it MUCH easier to boost your rankings and in-turn MUCH easier to get traffic to. We are blogging in order to get people to our web site we created, right??? Why else do it?? (Other than its fun of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

You are going to need two things:

A URL and a Hosting Account. A URL is just a web site name that you want to go with. A hosting account...its a little more complicated, but they make sure your blog is up and running and everything.

I recommend using to purchase your domain name

Host Gator for your hosting account.

Word Press Tutorials (These are companies that WordPress recommends for hosting)

#5) Free E-mail Advertising:

Targeted Email marketing or advertising can be a cheap and super effective way to drive traffic to your links. You can even specify which target market you could send your email campaign to. These sites are huge lists of opt in email subscribers, who have already agreed to receive marketing emails from these services. Most of them are double opt-ins and can be quite responsive.

Lets face it, the best place to get or attract a person is by having a personal message in their email box, also known as email advertising. Why not take advantage of someone who has already built a big email list already?

With this technique, you can earn advertising credits for viewing other advertisings from other people

Here are my recommendations-

Viral Url - Probably the most responsive one I have seen. I got the highest opt-in % of any of these from here. Very good for promoting your product.

List Bandit - Has a matrix which is re-built every night. Could potentially e-mail 50,000 people if you end up near the top of the matrix.

Listdotcom - Mike Filsaime's list - Has a HUGE list of Internet Marketers on it. Has the biggest list out there.

ListJoe - I get the most clicks out of this one. It works best if you are giving something away for free like the 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing, or your own stuff.

#6) Passive Traffic Generators

This is a free, passive traffic generator. This one is an absolute NO-BRAINER. Its FREE traffic without doing anything after you set-it up!!

All you have to do is make some kind of catchy, click pulling headline and place your ads on Instant Buzz to run without any additional effort.

It only takes 5 minutes to set-up, but will pull-in traffic day after day after day. It doesn't create massive opt-ins, but you need to do NOTHING to use it, just browse the Internet like you normally do.


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