10 Survival Life Hacks for the Zombie Apocalypse
10 Survival tips that everyone should know in case of a zombie apocalypse.

1. Bandages

If you ever find yourself out in the wilderness, running from a herd of zombies, looking for help, and cut your arm…..find a tampon. They make great bandages by splitting it in half and wrapping it around your wound and using the string to tie it together.

2. Build a Fire

Steel wool and a battery are all you need to start a fire while in dire need. Both are small and steel wool can compact into almost nothing.

3. Build a Fire again…

Bring a package of crayons in your prepper pack. Crayons burn for a long period of time and you only need one at a time. You can use these to keep and start your fire each night.

4. Clean Water

Hang on to your pantyhose! You can use pantyhose to filter out a lot of impurities out of water in order to help make it drinkable.

5. What to wear

Don’t abandon your house in a cotton shirt when the apocalypse comes. Cotton does not stay warm when wet and is a very light material that will not keep the wind away. Try to wear wool or fleece if possible.

6. Storage

Store things inside your flashlight around and next to your batteries in order to keep them dry and safe. Matches, money and other small goods make great things to store inside.

7. Stay Hydrated

Don’t eat snow to stay hydrated, it will lower body temperature and in turn actually turn against you. Melt the snow in a cup, bowl or whatever is available first.

8. Make a lamp

Shine your flashlight on the side of a gallon of water. The whole jug will illuminate at night and give you a lamp for light.

9. Keep away mosquitos

Use a piece of dry basil or a sprig of rosemary in order to keep mosquitos away that may carry infectious diseases.

10. Find your way!

Magnetize a needle and stick it through a cork to allow it to float. It will point North so you can keep traveling efficiently.



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