10 Signs Of A Cheating Spouse and Emotional Cheating

If you suspect that your spousehusband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner – is cheating on you, then you are no doubt anxious, stressed and driving yourself crazy trying to find out for sure!

Perhaps you’ve lost faith in your ability to spot the signs if they are indeed there, and you’re looking around for help to make a decision about what you think you know.

Perhaps you’ve even come out and asked them and they’ve denied it points blank.  But you’re still worried and you want to be sure before you confront them again.

Here then are 10 signs to look for, that MAY indicate that your spouse is cheating on you.

The 10 Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

  1. Your spouse has taken to buying new clothes and is taking real care of their appearance.
  2. They suddenly, out of nowhere, change their schedule and are not available when you would expect them to be.
  3. Your sex life takes a nose dive and may even be non-existent.
  4. They are showering at weird times of the day or night, especially when they have just come home.
  5. You find receipts for things that you have no idea about: flowers, hotels, restaurant bills.
  6. You find a new sim card and or mobile/cell phone and there is no reasonable explanation for them to have them.
  7. They are moody and argumentative.
  8. They are taking private phone calls out in the yard or the bathroom because they don’t want you to overhear them.
  9. You discover email accounts that you never knew about.
  10. They can’t account for their movements on a daily basis: there are great chunks of their day that they won’t share with you, whereas they used to.

Of course all of the above and any other activities that you might be suspicious of DOES NOT necessarily mean that your spouse is having an affair.

You have to use your common sense.  You know if there has been a change in your spouse and you alone have to decide if you are going to confront them with your suspicions.

But please, before you go off confronting your cheating Spouse, GET PROOF!

A liar and a cheat WILL always attempt to turn the tables on you and start a campaign of undermining you.  So get the proof and then face them with that proof.

Emotional Cheating - Is It Really Cheating?

I get asked this a lot - “Is emotional cheating, really cheating?” And my answer to that is always, “YES!”

But before we get into it, just what is “emotional cheating?”

Well basically it’s an inappropriate attachment to someone other than your spouse, but without the sex.

So, if someone in a committed relationship/marriage needs to find some kind of intimate emotional support from someone else, then there’s clearly a problem with the relationship that needs facing.

If there was nothing to the emotional attachment, then there would be nothing to hide from a spouse and no all around secrecy with the emotional affair.

If you’re confiding in a work colleague, sharing lunch, emailing someone, perhaps meeting up after work for talks and you can’t tell your spouse, then you have a problem and you’re having an emotional affair.

There really should be no situation and no one in your life that you couldn’t tell your spouse about IF they asked.

If you have parts of your day that you cannot share with your spouse, then you need to ask yourself what’s going on and what you should do about it.

Ask yourself this, how would your spouse feel if they discovered that you had a level of intimacy with this other person? Be honest with yourself. There’s a reason you haven’t told your spouse and that’s because you know it’s wrong.

Think long and hard about where you want to go with your relationship with your spouse and if the relationship is worth saving. Because the fact is fact, exclude your spouse and there’s a problem! You’re cheating.

If your marriage/relationship is worth saving then I’d recommend that you quickly get to grips with this situation and look at getting hold of Save My Marriage/Relationship Today.

If your relationship isn’t worth saving then I would ask you to please, sit your spouse down and talk openly and honestly to them. It will save the mess and pain that is surely coming your way.


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