Never Stop Dating Your Life Time Partner

People have fond memories of the first few months of a fresh, new relationship. The waiting for the phone call or text message. Getting excited when thinking about the next time you get together. Spending time planning what to do together next. That romantic beginning of a relationship is exciting and seems to make the world seem a bright, happy place. So, what happens when you have been with that someone for years? Too often we begin to lose that freshness and excitement. No doubt you have heard all the relationship experts advise that we should keep our relationship fresh and lively. But how? Well, there is one very easy way. Start dating your lover again.

Too many people feel foolish about the notion of keeping a relationship fresh, even passionate, by asking their wife, husband or life partner for a date. Why? Dating this person you are committed to can easily become the best thing you have ever done for your relationship. The interesting thing about dating is that it NEVER gets old. Not sure how to go about this dating thing? Has been so long since you have been on a date you have forgotten how it is done? Let me offer some help:

Give some thought as to where to go. Be original. The great thing about dating your spouse is you should have some idea about the things they enjoy. If you don’t, you really need to do more dating of your mate. Stay away from the places to would go normally. This is a date and it needs to be special. How about a picnic? Or, a visit to a local art’s fair or museum? Once you have a good idea for a date, be formal when asking for a date. Ask her or him face to face. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a love note that asks for the date.

Never underestimate the power of a love note with a request for a date. Just leave the note somewhere they will find it, maybe on the kitchen counter just before you leave for work. Once the invitation has been accepted, talk it over. Flirt. Build the anticipation. You will be surprised how quickly this can build a little passion. On the day of the date, spend time getting ready. Maybe a new shirt or skirt. You are going on a date. Act like it.

Once you are out on your date keep the conversation to fun and interesting subjects. No talk of work; avoid all talk of money or bills; never take this as an opportunity to resolve some old issue. You are on a date. It is about having fun (and reconnecting with your lover). Any topic you can talk about that brings you closer together is excellent. Ask questions and listen to the answers. Make a point to hold hands, touch often and be respectful. Too often, over time in a marriage, we tend to forget the importance of these simple things.

When you have been with someone for awhile, dating is about rediscovering what attracted you to your husband/wife/partner in the first place. When the kids are out of the house and it is just the two of you, it should never be awkward with you asking yourself who this other person is in your house. Once you start dating your lover again, you may discover it is a cornerstone of your happy and fulfilling, passionate relationship. So, what are you doing this weekend? Interested in keeping your relationship passionate?



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