Nurturing Relationships With Patience

We all understand the difficulties that come with relationships. But one of the best tools we can use to fix the kinks and reduce the wear and tear of relationships is patience – preferably a lot of it. Patience has been defined as what we lack for the driver in front of us and demand from the driver behind us.

In truth, patience is nothing more than time.

Time before we say something. Remember those times when somebody you know did not show patience when that was all you needed. Think of how you felt. Think of the hurt you may have experienced in the process. Before you up and lose patience with somebody you’re dealing with, simply think back to the times when you needed patience and couldn’t get it – remember how you felt.


Take time before you whine, explain before you complain. Patience takes time, but no more time than the showing of anger; of stomping or yelling or whining or complaining. A little patience can often resolve a conflict that a loss of patience will only escalate.

Take time out before taking matters into your own hands. Sometimes, conflicts can be resolve themselves in a matter of time. Losing patience only hurts ourselves and won’t speed up the process.

So take the time to smile instead of frown; the time to wink instead of snarl. Come on, it won’t take you eternity to give somebody a wink and a nod, nor would it take time to pat them on the back. We never stop to think about how a little of our time can make such a big difference in how we make another feel.

The lack of patience is the key to so much unhappiness and grief in this world, when all it requires is a little time on our part. Again, we cannot underestimate the fact that patience is the number one tool in our shed, a gift from God when it comes to strengthening relationships. And it is through what the Lord has given us that we can give to others by showing patience, which is what we really want to receive in the first place.

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