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I have about six weeks left of this pregnancy, more or less, so I’m going to lighten up my writing schedule a bit in order to focus on birth preparation and nesting, while still running Simple Living Media. With this in mind, I’m bringing back Q&A, a popular series here on Simple Mom, where you provide the majority of the post’s content in the comments section.

Share your thoughts, ask more questions, and discuss the weekly topic amongst each other — and if you have a post on your own blog that’s relevant to the topic, then please share your link, too.

Note: I don’t mind a rousing conversation, but as always, ad hominem will not be tolerated — if you resort to attacking a commenter and not responding to the comment itself, your comment will be deleted.

Your neighbors as a community


A few months ago, our family quite suddenly moved back to the U.S. from living abroad as foreigners. We lived in a city of four million people, perched on the fifth floor of a concrete high-rise. If I ran out of eggs, I could take the elevator downstairs, walk across the street, and have a stash of eggs in about five minutes, tops.

Now we live on three acres in a farmhouse-style home, with a horse next door for a neighbor and a scenic 20-minute drive to the closest grocery store.

We’ve been quite cognizant to the lifestyle changes these two living situations bring — in particular with community. So my question for us to discuss today is this:

How important is it to your family that you know your neighbors? How much do you depend on your neighbors? Do you feel like you live in a community with the people living around you?

I’m curious how this relates particularly with your living conditions (urban, rural, and the like), in what culture or country you live, and the overall life stage of your family (small ones at home? empty-nesters?).

This month’s theme with SLM is relationships and community involvement. So the rest of May’s questions will also be posed with this in mind. Have a good question? Let me know!

Please share your thoughts! I look forward to chatting with you today.


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