25 Ways to Make More Money in Network Marketing MLM 1

Success in network marketing and MLM

Success in network marketing commerce and MLM depends on developing successful habits and approaches to building your business. The following 25 events will help you make more money in network marketing and erect your business huge.

1) Believe in and use your products regularly. Knowing your products is crucial to your success.

2) Know what you want from your business. Set realistic goals and targets for how much you want to make, when, and why. Make it a point to write your goals for your business down – this seems like a small thing, but is very vital.

3) Make a strong commitment to your business and take action. Do something to erect your business each and every day.

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4) Study and learn ways to be successful in network marketing and MLM. Learn from your successful upline and other industry leaders.

5) Be committed to helping your downline succeed. Find out what their dreams and goals are for their business, and what they want to do. Help them do it and you will get what you want as well.

6) Make yourself easily accessible. Be sure you have voice mail and a reliable email address. Avoid using free “throwaway” email addresses.

7) When you get an email or phone call, make it a point to respond as soon as possible. This encourages your downline and “wows” your prospects. This sets you apart because many network marketers won’t do this.

Follow up with prospects and customers. If they question for information, get it to them quickly and contact them to make sure they received it.

9) Don’t quit. The first three months in network marketing and MLM are the toughest. You have to persevere to find the success you desire.

10) Just do it. Life sometime gets in the way of working your business. Sometime discouragement sets in because there seems to be no time to do anything. You have to make the time.

11) Maintain a strong work ethic. Erect your business one downline associate, one customer at a time. When things seem to be moving slow, hang in and keep going.

12) Be aware and listen to concerns voiced by your downline associates and customers. Don’t take upon yourself these will go away – deal with them.

13) Praise your downline associates when they have success. You may reckon that success is sufficient motivation to keep going, but everyone responds well to recognition and praise.

14) Take time to work with your business every day. Be consistent. Some days this will be very hard – but always find something you can do to keep moving forward.

15) Use the tools you have and work with your circumstances. There is never a “perfect” time to erect your business. Every top achiever has overcome less than ideal circumstances at some point.

16) Be patient and steady. It takes time to erect your business and achieve your goals. Find customers and treat them well. Sponsor and train downline associates one at a time.

17) Nobody likes the word “no”. You will hear this far more than you like. Don’t be discouraged when you get a “no” – it isn’t personal. When a prospect says “no” to your business, it is not a personal rejection of you.

18) Be aware that things will change. Your company may make a change you don’t like at some point. Human nature is to resist change. Be flexible for success.

19) Organizing your business is vital, but don’t go overboard. You need to be talking to people. Know that excessive organizing is often due to a dread of taking action.

20) Maintain a professional appearance. Dress neatly and look successful. Look in the mirror – would you want to talk about a home business opportunity with you?

21) Use sharp promotional materials. Don’t make copies of brochures or print out information from the web. Use the original material provided by your company.

22) Be open to learning and use proven business building methods. Re-inventing the wheel is a ordinary mistake. It’s okay to be creative, but within reason.

23) Keep with the network marketing / MLM industry. Be aware of what other companies are doing. You will often talk to prospects who are considering other opportunities besides yours.

24) Be willing to take risks and invest money into advertising and promoting your business. Don’t try to do everything on the cheap. Be wise, but do step out in faith.

25) Finally, and this is the huge one – know that YOU are the determining factor in your success. “If it’s to be, it’s up to ME.”


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